Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

"This is not going to go the way you think"

That line right there basically sums it all. When you predicted everything that's going to happen, then suddenly get the carpet pulled underneath at the last minute. You either like or dislike Rian Johnson choices, but at least it's going in a new direction and not another remake.

As Kylo Ren put it: "Let the past die"

What I love about 'The Last Jedi' is how it doesn't care what you think about 'Star Wars. While not insulting you as the audience. Taking fan theories or the mystery 'Force Awakens' stet up, and shut it down completely. Instead, what we get is a bold message about are our places and where to find hope.

Rian Johnson absolutely kills it with his direction. Perfectly framed shots and the magnificent cinematography, made the overall experience something to remember for a long, long time. Even as I'm writing this, some of the imagery has implanted into my mind. Beautiful, yet menacing with the dark side creeping in.

Performance and characters all around are great. Oscar Isaac character (Poe) has such a fantastic character arc in this movie, that even he learns from his cocky attitude or quick thinking from deadly situations.

Both Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver are the main dynamics of the film. The scenes with Rey and Kylo are the most captivating elements of the story. A balance of light and darkness shown in their characters. Is Kylo Ren emo? yeah, if you like. Compelling villain? YES. You see good in him from Rey's point of view, but also darkness from Luke's.

This is the best I've seen from Mark Hamill. You'd think he will portray an old mentor in the shadow of Alec Guinness and Yoda. However, that isn't the case. You see Skywalker has given up on the force and wants nothing from it. Becoming a shadow of himself. Heck, he barley trains Rey, and that alone doesn't matter. Seeing him on screen gave me on all happinesses in the world.

Sound design, costumes, visual effects, and the lightsaber fights are all top notch. The biggest issue I've heard from people is the casino scene which didn't bother me. The film itself didn't drag, for me. As the runtime feels justified for something like this.

Now for problems: Some CGI scenes looked a bit unfinished, which is mostly green screen backgrounds. Other than that, the effects look pretty great.

I didn't buy the "love triangle", with Finn (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran). Even Finn was just as surprised as me when this was suppose to be a thing. I rather see a relationship with Poe and Finn, than Rose. Or just be friends.

While I praise the film for taking bold choices, but it never fully goes for it. A lot of fake outs deaths that afterwards made me wish it actually happened.

It's tonal inconsistency. One minute it's funny, then the next it's dead serious. The humor isn't as awful as people have said. Unfortunately, it doesn't help that characters are jammed packed and didn't need to be there. And Captain Phasma is still the most pointless character ever.

Overall rating: Despite it's flaws, the force is strong with this one.

RIP Carrie Fisher, Our Princess

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