Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

"Thanks! Does anybody have any questions?"

This must have been one of the best concerts ever from any group. Just non-stop energy.

In the beginning, I must admit, I didn't know what to think, with lead singer David Byrne coming onto an empty stage, performing Psycho Killer with his fantastic guitar skills, but it felt like something was missing. Until the next song is played, and the band members and set are brought on stage, which is when all worry and early doubt fade. Going from a more intimate atmosphere to a full-on sonic explosion.

At times I had a smile on my face. There's a part during the concert where the lights go dim and David Byrne dances with a lamp and it looks visually cinematic. I've never seen anything like that before. Or what about Byrne's insane dance whilst singing; talented guy.

The backup singers as well who have this great energy to them and look so happy to be there. There were a couple of times when the other band members turn to look at each other and smile. A warm community of artists coming together to deliver works of art.

Also, Tina Weymouth's little dancing is very underrated and adorable.

Highly recommend it. You can watch it on YouTube. Here's the link:

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