Annette ★★★★½

I have not seen any Leos Carax films before this, but now I need to see more because his style is extremely potent in this film and I loved it. It's weird and surreal, but I enjoyed every minute. Beginning with So May We Start immediately drew me in and I was extremely engaged throughout the entire film; there was never a dull moment. I had never heard of the Sparks brothers before, but I thought they did an astounding job writing and composing the songs for this musical. We Love Each Other So Much is another catchy tune that has a beautiful love theme. I'm a fan of musicals that rarely have any dialogue so this worked for me. Because there's not much dialogue, not every song will be amazing, but they worked in the film. The final song in the movie blew me away. From a technical standpoint, this movie's dreamlike nature looks mesmerizing. I really enjoyed some of the long shots and how some of the images would overlap.

This movie also does not work without Adam Driver's phenomenal performance. I'd even say this is his best. Adam Driver's voice works extremely well for this part and I liked how raw this movie felt. Generally, unlikable characters don't keep me interested, but I found his characterization to be very gripping and intimate. The other talents are great as well with Marion Cotillard as his wife and Simon Helberg. I've never seen the Big Bang Theory, but Simon Helberg stood out for that reason and he was fantastic. I’m sad his conducting song isn't on Spotify. The puppet baby was confusing at first, but as the movie went along, I thought it was an interesting decision and added a lot to the themes and symbolism of the film. I liked how this movie dealt with themes of fame, celebrity culture, and exploitation.

The longer I think about the movie, the more I want to watch it again to get a better understanding of the film. I understand that this will be divisive and not everyone will like it but this was an experience that worked on a bewitching and atmospheric level. I’m glad I was able to catch this one in theaters. Also, make sure you stay till the end of the credits.

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