Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

Bodies Bodies Bodies was a hilarious satire on Gen Z culture with a fun collection of characters and a unique take on the whodunit genre. I hate Gen Z but this movie was a very accurate depiction of how they speak and how disconnected they are from reality. It could very easily become cringe as the trailer portrays it but I thought the dialogue was expertly written to satirize them. It really shows how stupid they are and how as soon as they lose power and wifi, they have no idea what to do. The way it plays on hysteria is brilliantly executed. This movie is able to do something creative with its cinematography because of the power outage. I thought the lighting was incredible with how the movie uses flashlights and glowsticks, etc. It adds this extra element of claustrophobia, increasing the tension throughout each scene.

There’s also a fantastic ensemble of characters. Each person feels fully realized and I definitely know someone from each member of the cast. Rachel Sennott is easily the stand-out. Every single one of her lines works because of her comedic delivery. Maria Bakalova is also fantastic as the POV character and she’s the one we root for, but it absolutely works. The movie had me guessing throughout although as we got closer to the end, I started to figure out who the killer was. I loved the ending and how it connects to all the themes of the movie. I also like that because this group is trying to find the killer, it ends up bringing out all the tension among them. These character moments and the way they play off each other as more and more gets revealed is fantastic. The way the movie implements its themes and deconstructs Gen Z makes it stand out from the usual whodunit. It’s definitely one of the most unique murder mysteries I’ve seen, similar to how unique Knives Out was.

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