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  • Six Bridges to Cross

    Six Bridges to Cross

    "This is a weird and wild mixed bag. While its opening theme song, sung by Sammy Davis Jr, has this wonderful proto-James Bond flair about it, it also feels fairly out of place comparatively to the tone of the rest of the work. The plot is easily understood, but also you can see each twist some twenty miles before it occurs, following every typical noir cliche without saying all that much. Even as Curtis and Mineo are suave and delightfully…

  • An Act of Murder

    An Act of Murder

    "The film is a struggle of conscience. It debates hot-button issues such as mercy killing, suicide, and how life is defined by circumstance rather than absolutism. While this film is largely remembered as being the first instance where the iconic “Courthouse Square” set was used, which would be reused in countless other theatrical and television projects (most famously as the ‘50s set in Back to the Future), it deserves considerably more recognition for its singular brand of storytelling. It also…

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  • Hal



    Hal Ashby was one of the finest cinematic craftsmen who ever lived, with an astonishing career boasting some of the most seminal films from the 70s film history vault. His awe-inspiring editorial instinct and directorial aptitude courses through each project; a sublime talent inspiring subsequent generations of filmmakers to the present day. Editor-turned-director Amy Scott follows in the idyllic artist’s footsteps, cutting her teeth with a debut feature deconstructing the man and his obsessive genius that successfully (and repeatedly) captured…

  • Lovemobil



    "While a difficult movie to absorb for its subject matter and unflinching perspective, it is a powerhouse of raw cinema, little to which can offer much competition or comparison. This experience sparked deep melancholy, silent anger, and a whole host of other emotions, but it predominantly impressed upon me as a profoundly empathetic film made with extraordinary care. Lovemobil is an observational documentary at its core, flanked by an intoxicating atmosphere and highly contemplative editorial sense, and provides this year with one of its most formidable docs."

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