Nope ★★★★

Jordan Peele is in the trifecta of modern horror directors (with Ari Aster and Robert Eggers) breaking into mainstream crowds and critical praise film after film. Get Out was an instant hit, sideswiping everyone. Peele got brave with Us dividing the crowds just a little bit yet still wowing the majority- both films couldn't be compared to each other as each was its own so where were things to go with Nope?

Behold possibly his most accessible horror picture thus far. With a title like that, trailers that were legitimate teasers, and having something to do with aliens; a viewer couldn't go into the theater knowing exactly what they were to get. Shrouded in mystery and keeping eyes to the sky, Nope is a quaint alien thriller. Reminding me of Arrival in the sense of the UFO being abstract and approached calmly. Daniel Kaluuya is an impeccable lead yet again with his relatable quiet and nervous personality. I loved seeing Michael Wincott on screen again, the man's voice and alpha attitude is on full display as usual.

Set in the type of desolate western setting laid down some great atmosphere. For the most part Nope is a surface level what you see is what you get type of film making it easy to digest. I'm sure there could be an overall metaphorical analogy to connect but if one doesn't want to dig deeper it's easier to put on than his previous two. Because of that I think it will be the lowest on the "wow factor" but that does not make it any less in quality. Tackling the subject of extraterrestrial life is a little more niche than political and racial climates.

I found Nope to be a fantastically done alien thriller easily rewatchable akin to Signs and one of the better since. Probably my least favorite of the three so far but it's not a miss in the Peele filmography. Peele is proving he's full of ideas and not a one trick pony. I am excited to see what follows.

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