Suspiria ★★★★★

I'm struggling to fully grasp what I just witnessed and I will need to take in multiple viewings to wrap my head around what I just saw. I have been fully on board for a Suspiria "remake" for a long time but I was not expecting something like this in the very least!

I wasn't lucky enough to live in an area where this was being shown in theaters and I'm still upset that I couldn't experience this on the big screen because this would had been my favorite movie of 2018.

Everything flows naturally together throughout its (sometimes) lengthy run time. This piece is no ordinary movie. This is a complete mind fuck experience.

Dakota Johnson's performance was riveting, I had no idea she was capable of a work of art such as this. It doesn't make sense that she wastes her talent with that 50 Shades garbage (but I guess it pays the bills).

The surreal imagery will literally make your jaw drop. I lost count how many times I was interacting with my TV from what I was seeing. I've yet to see anything like this.

It wouldn't even be fair to compare this to the OG because that would simply lower the experience of this. To be fair though they hardly compare together at all. This re-imagining takes only the bare bones elements of the original's story. Trust me, I'm not turning a blind eye to Argento's master work but you're in denial if you believe you're given a better cinematic experience there than with Guadagnino's vision.

Now leave me be, I need to watch some forgettable mid-2000's rom com to bring my mind back to reality.

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