The Fugitive

The Fugitive ★★★★

ACTIONx52 (2023)
17. Watch An Action Film Based Off A TV Series or A Sequel to A TV Series

Harrison Ford in his most vulnerable performance I've seen the man in. With The Fugitive he's the one being hunted, no macho personality, his usual wit and action skills are diminished. Wrongly accused for the murder of his wife and convicted to death. After a lucky escape he investigates his own case while being chased on a statewide manhunt.

Not only is this a clever concept and we follow Ford discover answers to his case but he leaves the pieces behind him forcing the following US Marshalls to connect the dots as well. Killers are identified and enemies revealed he trusted himself. The Fugitive is thrilling and one of the stronger films in this manner of the 90's decade.

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