Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

I think my second favorite Tarantino after Bastards. Once Upton a Time in Hollywood is the funniest and humane of his movies. No one knows how to use actors like him. He knows exactly how to use everyone from A list movie stars like Pitt and DiCaprio (maybe in 2nd best performance behind Wolf of Wall Street)  to someone like Lena Dunham who is such a specific kind of actor that she has been fired from roles because she is too distracting but somehow Tarantino completely understands her persona and uses her perfectly.

Hollywood is so good because it takes the best aspects of all his other movies and puts it all in one place. Its a great hang out movie which he has not made since Deathproof, its really sweet which he has not done since Jackie Brown.

Di Caprio needs to win the Oscar for this, Pitt needs to get nominated ( I will be mad if they run him in supporting because he is for sure a lead) and Margo Robbie should atleast get up for supporting (people have called her role small but I think its one of the most unique performance in a Tarantino movie, its largely wordless but it is the heart and soul of the movie).

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