Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★★½

I am of two minds about all this. On one hand I love comics and these characters, i subscribe to Marvel unlimited and read X-men regularly but on the other its hard to be a little depressed by the culture and fandom around all this. Even though I do think the majority of these superhero movies are cinema I agree with Scorsese that the industry/culture around it is not. Its such a weird feeling because on one hand I roll my eyes because we are a nation of children that only care about cheap nostalgia serotonin hits but also rush to the theater to see the same movie.

I actually liked the movie. almost everything worked for me. Tom and Zendaya were very good and even the Aunt May scene worked on me I could not believe it. Garfield and Dafoe were by far the besr cameos. 

Like most marvel movies they somehow pull it all of which is somehow frustrating at times.

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