• California Split

    California Split


    4 movies in one and unlike altman they do not really overlap. The tonal shifts of the 4 stories are bearable because all the actors are so good (Fonda and Smith are the Co-mvps though) they also star in the two most interesting stories. The other two stories start out with a SNL type set up but by the end even they win you over.

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    I am of two minds about all this. On one hand I love comics and these characters, i subscribe to Marvel unlimited and read X-men regularly but on the other its hard to be a little depressed by the culture and fandom around all this. Even though I do think the majority of these superhero movies are cinema I agree with Scorsese that the industry/culture around it is not. Its such a weird feeling because on one hand I roll…

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Don’t look up has some good performances (leo,streep,Lawrence) and individual moments ( lawrence rapping to Wu-tang and the snack bit)  but by trying to do to much it ends up not doing all that much at all. Sorta feels like the 2021 Joker in alot of ways because neither movie is really not good or interesting enough to be taken seriously.

    I was someone who even kinda liked Vice and The Big Short

    I know I just said this movie is not good enough to be taken seriously but do want to read some smart critics that really liked it to see what I am missing.

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    I honestly thought going in this movie was going to be set in the present day. I mean why else make it? It is not but I am glad they did remake it. Not shocking to anyone Spielberg is just a master. Everything in this movie is beautiful the big set pieces, the colorful and textured costumes, and the lighting which is probably the best part. This is a movie that should be enjoyed in the movie theater!

    Mark Faist as Riff is the standout but pretty much everyone is great

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Great energy running through it. Basically all comes down to Garfield and he is incredible, one of the best performance of the year. Garfield is someone that could come of as annoying but somehow he never does. So glad he will finally have a oscar nomination for a good performance and movie ( he should have gotten up for Social Network, Silence, and even though I am probably alone in this Under The Silverlake)

  • CODA



    Coda has some very high highs, for example the scene where the deaf father is feeling his daughter sing is great acting and filmmaking its classic storytelling sentimental heartfelt emotion but also has many uneven elements. Not sure if its the fault of the filmmaker or the actors but felt the performances were all over the place at times they felt like they were out of a network comedy and other times a gritty Sundance drama which i think could…

  • Friday the 13th Part 2

    Friday the 13th Part 2

    Decided to rewatch ( well mostly watch because outside of the first one i have not seen most from start to finish). I am team Michael so i am biased but when do these movies start to get good? The first one is below average outside the Kevin Bacon kill and obviously the iconic Mrs Vorhees reveal. Part Two is flat out terrible there is absolutely zero character work to set up the consolers (not asking for much just some…

  • Werewolves Within

    Werewolves Within


    Very sweet and light on its feet. A nice little comedy that breezy by and then you never really think about it again. Everybody seems to be having a really good time.

  • Lamb



    Lamb is funny in the darkest of ways but never really finds much to do beyond its simple abusirist plot. The cleverness and cuteness of the CGI baby goat wears out its welcome very quickly which all leads up to a final reveal/joke that feels like the director trying to prove how edgy he is. 

    I hate being that person but i do believe this one of those rare movies that if was an american movie in english it would be a lot less popular and more people would see it for what it was  art school bullshit.

  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    Finally caught up with this Oscar nominated movie i missed last year. I feel like I did not ever here anyone really talk about Pieces of a Women during Oscar season. Now i know why. Not because it is bad but because it is harrowing.

    Vanessa and Shia are both so good. They are so alive in every scene. 

    The apple metaphor thing seemed a little screenwriting 101 to me.

  • Four Christmases

    Four Christmases


    Somehow missed Four Christmas’s until now. Cheesy but great classic set up. Vince and Reese are incredible, the rest of the cast is good but one note (what can you expect) Also loved that they had a Oscar Winner in all 4 houses.

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Because I am currently not seeing many movies in theaters (tip: dont have kids) and I almost like every Halloween movie it was almost guaranteed I would enjoy Halloween Kills and guess what? I did. I loved the look of the film and thought it had great energy pulsing through it. My only issue was the Judy Greer character why did they treat her character arc like she was Othello or something. I was just not as invested in her…