Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

MCU rewatch #22 

I’ve never been a huge fan of this movie, but it’s definitely a fun time. I hope Peter always remains this boyish and lighthearted, it suits him really well. I’m assuming Spider-Man is going to be one of the central characters in the MCU moving forward and I’m very excited to see that! Definitely an engaging film, with some seriously high highs! The third act is excellent! But, hot take time, Mysterio was not very good and Jake Gyllenhaal was a flat-out miscast. The scene where the big twist is revealed honestly made me cringe. Kind of took me out of the movie a little bit. 

Anyhow, it’s done. All 22 MCU films (not counting the Hulk cause why would I, it’s not even on Disney+) have been rewatched in one week! Having rewatched all these this quickly, I have some thoughts about the MCU as a franchise. 

Now that the story is done and the hype is a fraction of what it was, the biggest thing I realized is that I love how Marvel handled these characters. I think they did a really good job humanizing the main characters. Wether it be Tony Stark and his fascinating arc from war-profiteer to vigilante/philanthropist, or Scott Lang’s simpler story about being a guy who’s down on his luck and who simply just wants to be a good dad. I was definitely more interested in the individual characters than I was the the spectacle of the films, or even the story at hand. I was impressed by that. 

And one other thing real quick, a while back Scorsese said superhero films aren’t real cinema...and I mean...the fuck lol. Remember when mega cuck Ben Shapiro said “rap isn’t music”? That’s the same type of old man yelling at a cloud vibe I got from Scorsese’s essay. While I found Scorsese’s essay a great read with a lot of emotion, and some great insight into his view of cinema I disagree entirely. It’s definitely cinema. They play these movies at the cinema. Nobody ever came out and said Adam Sandler’s silly comedies weren’t cinema when he was taking home wheelbarrows of cash. Or when Spielberg’s campy ass films like Jurassic Park weren’t cinema (which is a movie about an actual theme park) had droves of people lining up to be mesmerized by the spectacle of a pretty surface level film. I think Scorsese just doesn’t understand how people get so much emotionally from these movies. But hey, each their own. Rant over. MCU binge over.

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