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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    I do not have the words to do justice to how incredible this film is. It's just so well made, such incredible action sequences. The premise is still as cool as ever! I feel like a kid every time I watch this.

  • Zombieland



    This is a throwback from high school. Man, this makes me think of high school friends that I haven't seen in a long time. This makes me think of people that I'm still friends with and how we've changed since we first saw this movie around TEN YEARS AGO. Good lord, time flies.

    Zombieland still holds up. It's still kooky and a much more joyful zombie movie than basically any post-Walking Dead undead pop culture. Basically Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson hew closely to their typical schticks.

    And hey, looking forward to the sequel!

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  • Mulan



    It's fun going back to classics that I loved from childhood and re-watching them. Naturally, there is some subtext that comes up as an adult viewer that I didn't detect as a child seeing this at 6-7 years of age.

    Man, I remember watching seeing the trailer for this movie all the time on TV and just getting so hyped for this movie. This movie still has the power to take me back there.

    I can visualize the basement, crouching…

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    So I ended up seeing Captain Marvel at a bit of a low point in my life. I had just gotten the news that my Nana had passed away.

    I went to see Captain Marvel just to not have to think about things for a while. So I could turn off and take refuge from the world for the run time of a Marvel feature.

    I guess I'm not sure what to think of this movie. There were times where…