Midsommar ★★★★

Better than the eventually silly Hereditary and very much a break-up film with added cult action, Aster's second feature is a triumph of gorgeous shots, sporadic hyper violence and acting so accomplished it takes your hand, pressures you to have a shot of 'tea' and drags you into its world.

I adored the opening hour. How the couple are established and the distance that grows between them was expertly done, subtle yet extremely clear - perhaps leading to predictability. There were scenes which felt much too long (the first stop before the commune) and some supporting characters resolved with little care (Josh + the Brit couple) but Dani's descent into accepting her new position, and the sacrifices that went with it, was amazing. What I wasn't though, was scared, I was wanting a few big frights.

In Florence Pugh I believe we are watching the world's greatest actress. I am yet to see her give anything other than a simply stunning performance in anything, no matter the role's size. Enjoy her.

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