Nope ★★★½

Jordan Peele there with another incredibly intriguing idea slightly sullied by his obsession with foreshadowing and getting somewhat tangled up trying to make grand points within what's ultimately a simple story.

But what a way to tell this tall tale. I thought Nope was one damn fine looking film and its eerie atmosphere positively dripped with dread throughout - having the more visceral moments set in daylight was a welcome change from nasties hiding in the dark - the sound design was impeccable as well. Lovely. Making such a bland setting look so rich and detailed is a skill too.

I can't really wax lyrical enough about Daniel Kaluuya. Phenomenal actor and flawless accent work again, he sounded more American than (the also brilliant and actual American) Keke Palmer ffs - not too shabby for a boy from Camden. I think he might be one of the coolest people I've ever seen.

Never thought I'd shit myself the next time I see a cloud not moving, but hey, here we are. Yep.

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