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  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead

    In Night of the Living Dead, the dead return to life and the living are forced to retreat, barricading themselves inside the nearest source of shelter to wait for help as crowds of insatiably hungry zombies slowly attempt to force their way in. A once lovingly-maintained home, decorated and lived-in, is stripped for anything that can be used for defence, its history lost in the struggle to survive. In Dawn of the Dead, a band of survivors find an abandoned…

  • Notes on an Appearance

    Notes on an Appearance

    static shots waiting to be filled, and they are, as if every action and gesture is telegraphed and inevitable, with the act of being one step ahead while constantly in pursuit of an elusive mystery framed as an exhausting cycle of perpetual beginnings and endings — booksmarts get you nowhere.

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  • La Cérémonie

    La Cérémonie

    "I feel sorry for you"

    one of the great films about manipulation and belittlement: nonchalantly throwing a dirtied tissue back at the person who provided it without saying thank you; offering to drive someone into town as if it's the noblest thing in the world; finding out someone can't read and instinctively offering to teach them. The rich family treat Sandrine Bonnaire's maid with such casual disdain and dehumanising pity that it's no wonder she's drawn to the chaos of…

  • Blackhat


    I guess I missed how down and dirty this is first time round - a movie about cyber-terrorism in which a hacker scratches around in the dirt to find information; the violence and suffering of every death is highlighted with lingering close-ups/slo-mo; an online conversation with a terrorist (who could be anywhere in the world) escalates into a knife-fight with a gang in a bar in less than 10 seconds. This isn't a world that exists only online. It's real,…