Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★

I went into this hoping the third time would ultimately be the charm for me for this series. Unfortunately the only thing that was cemented by the time the credits started rolling is the fact that is one series in which I will likely never see on the same level that so many others do.

To be clear here I don't dislike these films. There is no doubt they are well-made and contain moments of greatness. For whatever reason I always have a damn hard time in terms of getting invested in the proceedings here. Call me a heartless bastard but in the end it is what it is.

Perhaps most surprisingly regarding my views toward this series lies in the fact that I just don't find the conversations here that realistic. I am well-aware this is a series known for writing and realism along with providing a sublime portrait of the modern relationship. For me, these characters and their situations have never really felt real enough for me. I enjoy them up to a point but I find them more boring than brilliant.

I'll just stop here. It is one of those films that subjectively just isn't for me. I've tried, and I've failed to see this in the way others do. Burn me at the stake if you must.

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