In the Mood for Love

Grace can be defined as being "simple elegance or refinement of movement." In the end the definition above can be aptly used to describe this viewing experience. It's quiet, confident, and nuanced, but most importantly it has a tenderness and restraint not typically seen in cinema.

A man and a woman find out that each of their respective spouses are having a damn affair with one another. This would seem to be rom-com fodder, but this is a Wong Kar-Wai viewing. As such, the viewing is anything but ordinary.

Wong Kar-Wai is all about mood pieces, and yet this may just be the moodiest of them all. The emotions related to the affair aren't necessarily brought out through discussion, but rather body language and music. The music is particularly impressive in allowing the viewer to enter the characters' head space, and ultimately convey the required emotion.

If I'm being perfectly honest I liked this film quite a bit, but it didn't quite transgress to "love" status upon my initial viewing. Perhaps expectations were my worst enemy in this respect, but rest-assured a subsequent viewing to fully coordinate my thoughts is in my future.

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