Jaws ★★★★★

This has always been thought of as the beginning of the summer blockbuster era and that's always made me wonder just what the hell has gone wrong in the last 40 years since this masterpiece was released.

The one word that I associate with Jaws in character. It is in fact a showcase of character across the board. It does a masterful job of developing the story. Both the human characters and the shark are the ultimate reasons this film is so special, and once again it's all about character. The film is simply unrivaled in so many aspects and is a one of a kind in so many different ways.

The shark itself is developed in such a brilliant way. The first half hour seems to build up the ruthlessness of the creature. It serves to make you fear not only the shark but the water itself. You never see the shark at this stage so your imagination takes control here. The subsequent hour serves as a damn good crescendo of tension building and suspense before the inevitable showdown. This is done by actually developing the shark and its mystique. It in fact leads to the shark transcending from being a simple animal and becoming a villain with a personality. What a special film this is.

Scheider, Shaw, and Dreyfuss serve as the cornerstones of the film here. I felt Shaw was the edge, Dreyfuss was the reason, and Scheider was the rock and heart of the film. What a beautiful combination the mix ultimately was. The character interaction here was just as interesting as the chase of the shark.

My favorite scene in this film is when all three break out into song in the boat. Just three guys shooting the shit while chasing a 25-foot great white on the open sea. Fuck yes.

Jaws is nothing less than a timeless king of cinema.

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