Room ★★½

I'll be damned if this didn't fall flat for me.

The film itself is very easily separated into two separate halves, i.e., the room, and the fallout from said room. As a viewer, one would hope that the two halves would live and breathe off one another, and in effect a symbiotic relationship would be born. Unfortunately for the viewer, such is not the case here.

In fact, the only aspect bridging the two halves for me was the bland execution of the material. Call me a heartless bastard, but this was a viewing bordering on tediousness for me. The film simultaneously meanders for long stretches, and tends to bit off more than it can chew. It attempts to tackle a variety of subjects, but none of them ultimately feel that rewarding. Case in point, William H. Macy's inclusion in the film for a total of three minutes. There are highlights scattered in throughout the film, but they are too remote to make much more than a fleeting impact.

Don't kill the messenger, but I found this to be bland, middling cinematic viewing.

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