Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

It's far from perfect, but at its core the Star Wars saga is superior in providing an immersive cinematic viewing experience. Fortunately for the viewer, such is still very much the case here.

The Resistance is on the run from the Order. Will they escape and thereafter build their resources prior to the Order decimating from the universe? Watch the damn film to find out, plain and simple.

Naturally, as is typically the case when Disney acquires a large cinematic brand, they milk the damn cow for all its worth. In that course, the majority of this viewing is seemingly made with the intent of providing material for future offerings. I can see why many are likely put off by such a film, but I was able to immerse myself and enjoy it for what ultimately is, i.e., a couple of fun hours of cinematic escapism.

As referenced above, the story in this film is somewhat inconsequential in nature. The film starts with the Resistance on the run from the Order, and ends with the Resistance on the run from the Order. Additionally, the characters, for the most part, are in the same position at the end of the run time as they were at the beginning of the run time.

Nonetheless, there simply aren't many cinematic franchises of this size that still routinely put out immersive environments and situations such as this. This isn't sci-fi fare, but rather, is very much a space opera excursion. Thankfully, nobody does space opera quite like Star Wars does space opera, plain and simple.

Time will ultimately tell the damn tale regarding how long Disney can milk the cow prior to it becoming diluted and losing its novelty (it already has to a certain extent), but for the time-being, it's still a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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