The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

Relentlessly touching despite an admirable determination to not shy away from the bleak reality of poverty and the places that it drives people. The Florida Project deals with the darkest situations of life both in a playful and a depressingly cold way, either representation would be satisfactory for a film of this subject, but the fusion of the two creates a mixture so incredibly unique, that I was constantly taken aback. Humanity and even whimsy can sometimes best be found when the going gets toughest, as evidenced by Baker with the film’s ending and countless other scenes, but i think it is most interesting how staggeringly well told this movie is while coming from the perspective of a child. It is so easy to mess this up or come across as gimmicky (*cough* Belfast) but Baker writes this child dialogue with incredible understanding of their perspective to make everything feel as natural and effective as possible. I love how so many isolated moments of immense beauty are spliced into the film, then unexpectedly cutting back to reality so as to remind you that joy can and should be present under any circumstances, but will always be fleeting. In all honesty this is one of the best and most empathetic films I have seen, ever. 


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