Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★

An ambitious story to tell the life of a character actor in a day. It follows Monsieur Oscar as he transforms into his next assignment being driven all over town by limo. It has some shiny moments that gave me hope but I left the film feeling nothing gained nothing learned. I love weird surreal movies but just didn’t connect with this enough. 

I found parts to appreciate in most of the scenes but just didn’t care about the stakes or connect with the emotion. Denis Lavant fully commits to his characters even eating dozens of flowers like a troll from under a bridge. His bones creak as the elderly beggar woman. He is a professional mocap dragon and I believed it etc. but I didn’t care about him until it was too late. I felt for him when he had a limo crash into Jean’s (Kylie Minogue) limo. I really enjoyed their walk to the top of the roof. His accordion scene was the most fun I had during this. But just not enough to agree with all the hype. Maybe my expectations were too high but I was hoping for another Holy Mountain  or Mulholland Drive and left feeling let down.

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