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  • Apartment Zero

    Apartment Zero


    Colin Firth does a very Colin Firth like character in a completely different setting or genre of film than he usually appears in and the result is pretty damn interesting tho i cant quite say if it was an ultimately successful film or not. It did however very much hold my interest level in it throughout and there's a real strong sense of discomfort in it as well, and even tho theres one of those plots where you're waiting for…

  • Massacre at Central High

    Massacre at Central High

    Yeah this is pretty terrible...i don't get how its as well regarded as it is by my friends that I follow here. I thought it was badly acted (really badly acted), looks like it was shot thru a car windshield and is dramatically inert to top it off. Seriously, the main kid who decides to take matters into his own hands is very, very monotone throughout, but it plays less like a style choice than just that the guy playing…

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  • Rambo: Last Blood

    Rambo: Last Blood


    Let this be a lesson to you Rambo--Never love anyone! Why was this even made if it was just gonna be a generic Taken clone??? Rambo takes on the Cartel would've been/should've been an amazing premise, but there's nothing here to equate the level of awesomeness that that idea promises to have.

    Don't get me wrong seeing "No Country For Old Rambo" (except here the country is Mexico) is a good idea on paper, but you got a blank cipher…

  • Downsizing



    I was legit surprised by how much i ended up enjoying this one. I shouldn't have been but i heard so many negative things about it....It's very, very, very strange but it also bears some striking similarities to Joe vs the Volcano, especially in plot structure! It's very Joe vs the Volcano in the way it goes from guy tired of his humdrum existence, and sleepwalking thru his life and let's himself get talked into going on this unlikely adventure…