Uncut Gems

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This review may contain spoilers.

first off bitch you’re telling me that kevin garnett (whose net worth is 120 million) is gonna stop bidding that easily on the goddamn mystical rock that he believed was helping him win games? ik they included the financial advisor character to make it seem more believable, but it still didn’t seem believable at all to me bc ultimately it was garnett’s decision. 190k wouldn’t be much to a multimillionaire who’s literally infatuated and transfixed by the object in question. his obsession was built up throughout the movie and then carelessly and illogically disregarded solely to help move the plot to where the safdies needed it to go. this is a major gripe i have with the movie but it shouldn’t completely overshadow the good aspects 

anyway some of the subtleties of sandler’s performance are impressive, notably the scene where he’s watching a basketball game on his phone while laying next to his son. it was cringey, not bc the acting was bad, but bc it was so good. it felt real, like we were actually watching a grown man completely lose himself to gambling to the point where he came across as a child unable to contain himself. it was embarrassing to watch that scene, but that was the point 

also props to the safdies for developing a style and feel to their movies that’s unique to them. i dig the 70s influence and the soundtrack was oddly a perfect fit for the movie.  i always like when soundtracks play a huge role in the overall vibe of a film. anyway, the best directors are obviously those who have a style so uniquely theirs, that viewers would be able to pinpoint the director without being told. the safdies are undoubtedly developing their own unique and recognizable style, but i definitely think they should work on utilizing some more logic in their writing (not that all of their writing is unrealistic, just parts)