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This review may contain spoilers.

Series: Infinity Saga (#23), Spider-Man: Home (#2)
Series Chronology: #23, takes place after Endgame

Here we first learn about the Blip, and specifically, how it affected our dear high school students. I rather enjoyed this explanation, and it really clarified a lot of the questions I had going into this movie. Peter is struggling to figure out his place after the death of Tony. Peter has a vacation coming up, and wants to use it to get back to basics and start trying to live a normal life. He wants to get to know MJ and hang out with his friends. However, before he leaves, he gets a call from Nick Fury, which he promptly ignores. He just wants to be normal Peter for a while. I very much enjoyed seeing this direction for his character, and it seems like a natural direction after Endgame. Tony has also gifted Peter EDITH, which is a defense network. Of course, some shenanigans occur in Europe, through a neat action scene we are introduced to Mysterio, a new hero from an alternate Earth, and the Elementals

Mysterio explains that the Elementals are here to destroy Earth 616, just like they destroyed his home planet. Peter very much wants to not get involved in this, but Fury sort of forces him by rearranging his trips itinerary and giving him the new Night Monkey suit. In Prague, through another cool action scene, Night Monkey and Mysterio fight a big fire monster, which is defeated through the "noble?" sacrifice of Mysterio. At this point, I was like "how did he survive, is this really the end of the movie?" And that question was answered rather quickly. Peter, believing that because he wants to live a normal life he is unworthy to hold EDITH, gives it to Mysterio. Mysterio has a group of baddies who were all slighted by Stark in the past. This seemed a little shoehorned, as it seemed they were trying to get the same working class vibe that Vulture had in the last movie. We learn that all of the Elementals are actually illusions, and now that Mysterio has EDITH, he can start making some crazy illusions showing Mysterio defeating all manner of beasts. Through this, Mysterio will be the next big super hero, the next TONY STARK.

Peter takes MJ out to ask her out, where she figures out he is Spiderman. She also stole some of Mysterio's tech from the battle against Blaze. Peter and MJ then discover that Mysterio is not who he says he is. Peter then attempts to warn Fury of his plan, and then ensues my favorite scene of the whole film. Spiderman falls into Mysterio's trap and is forced to endure some wacky mind tricks, during which he gives up that his friends, Ned and MJ, also know the truth about Mysterio. Peter is then incapacitated, and has to call Happy to get some help. Here we get some great character moments as they both reminisce about Tony and his legacy, another of my favorite moments of the film. Then, we get some great action to close out the film, along with a great end credits scene where Mysterio reveals Spiderman's true identity, and another one that I don't understand.

All in all, this movie was a lot of fun. It had some funny moments, some heartfelt moments, and some dark moments. Although not as tight as Homecoming, it is still a great and fun movie to add into the MCU's canon.