In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Kar-wai Wong's "In the Mood for Love" remains his most impressive work. Setting the realistic story in 1962 Hong Kong we follow the development of love between two lonely neighbors each of whom is trapped in unhappy marriages. They have ended up neighbors in an already cramped/crowded tenement.

What begins as a tender friendship forged by shared interests and mutual loneliness soon develops into something romantic and erotic. Even as temptation pulls them closer, both opt to not give in.

This film could have easily imploded into itself as a sort of beautifully crafted soap opera, but this is as realistic as it is melancholy romantic.

To the credit of the film's cinematography, it's two leading actors and most of all the director -- "In The Mood For Love" becomes a powerful and magically satisfying study of human love that runs far deeper than desire.

This is a cinematic masterpiece. Film lovers cannot miss the opportunity to see it. Brilliant from every all aspects.