• Aftersun



    When God made us, He knew being our father would cost Him everything. So, He decided He'd make us worth every penny of it. That's what this film was to me; a flawed young man striving through the struggle and pain of fatherhood, for the sake of a daughter infinitely and beautifully precious to him.

  • Home Alone

    Home Alone


    The first film I’ve watched in 6 months is the only one in the world that really matters

  • The Prince of Egypt

    The Prince of Egypt


    Absolutely one of the best biblical films ever made without a doubt. The score ranges from brash bombast to mournful haunting to jubilant rejoicing and is filled to the brim with songs that have stuck with me my whole life and continue to be beautiful to me when I hear them now. I'd actually have liked a bit more breathing room in the pacing just so as not to rush too quickly through each of the flag points in the actual Exodus story, but it's still fab!

  • Mutiny on the Bounty

    Mutiny on the Bounty


    Did I really just not log anything on Letterboxd for over two months? Whoops! Well, this was my last film as r/Letterboxd's film club host and also my last film as the big cheese over there, so a sabbatical was fitting. What was even more fitting was me fluffing the selection up picking a film without any pirates for the pirate theme lol. Was pretty clearly time for me to anchor down and hand over the captain's quarters keys to somebody with a better stomach for choppy seas. Was a pleasure to host, see you soon film club x

    r/Letterboxd Film Club #54

  • The Miracle Maker

    The Miracle Maker


    This film is a lovely time capsule into the life of Jesus, as well as into my childhood. Gorgeous stop-motion, interwoven with wonderfully expressive hand-drawn work, breathes a befittingly heavenly life into every frame. It takes artistic liberties here and there and doesn't quite live up to the breadth and spiritual power of Jesus' actual ministry, death and resurrection as a result, but by retaining the fundamentals of the gospel, it builds its house on a rock steadier than most equivalent attempts. Cast is nuts too.

  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman


    A world within our world. Seeing such a specifically personal slice of culture and identity is fascinating. It's like Cheryl Dunye's own little microscope, that no matter how small makes everything you view through it seem larger than life. It's a film and story with an itching curiosity for the vibrant, and a compulsion to give voice to unvoiced stories.

    r/Letterboxd Film Club #53

  • The Squid and the Whale

    The Squid and the Whale


    Not really a huge fan of this Noah Baumbach. It felt far more concerned with difference and subversion than with genuinely giving voice to the feelings of both the characters and the storyteller behind them. The poeticism is both a strength and weakness, causing the whole film to teeter to and from pretentiousness and authenticity. All the markings of the things I love about his later films, but it just wasn't there yet I would say.

    Recommended by alonsoaraya, as part of the r/Letterboxd Film Raffle.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Seeing Batman as a detective within a gothic mystery tone was almost enough to justify the existence of this film, but a bloated and wobbly narrative was itself enough to draw my eyes away from the virtues of The Batman, and onto its inadequacies. You’d think after seeing Batman relegated to nothing more than his tropes in Zack Snyder’s DCEU films, it’d instill gratitude to see a film earnestly pursue a nuanced telling of Brucey B. Batz’ story, and to…

  • Her



    Another great example of how life experience can totally transform the way you experience a film. I loved Her when I watched it the first time around if mostly from a sympathetic perspective, though I don't want to diminish that. But having closed, re-opened and re-broken my heart in the time since, the journey of opening up without fear of the pain that potentially comes hand in hand with that, and battling not to become hardened and withdrawn when life…

  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    Yep. Still amazing. And it still baffles me that one of the most commercial films ever made decided to make repentance and redemption its main message. Plus the Ewoks are a cute picture of the small-timers sticking it to the man so don't you dare undermine the film for their adorable, fuzzy wuzzy lil selves.

  • Eternity and a Day

    Eternity and a Day


    Bruno Ganz wandering and pondering is my favourite. He has such a softness and empathy in his demeanour that makes him completely captivating. An unbelievably special actor, and yet is met on an even keel by Achileas Skevis, a young actor with a presence and emotional maturity beyond his years. Their dynamic is utterly heartbreaking and made this film for me.

    Recommended by Robert, as part of the r/Letterboxd Film Raffle.

  • Neighbors



    Beyond Freaks and Geeks, I'm just not a Seth Rogen guy. Films like this do get laughs out of me, but they come with this sort of icky feeling I don't enjoy at all. Still, if I watched recommended films by my deadlines, I wouldn't be in this position, so I've brought it on myself! Cheers Reinier for the rec anyway :)