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I watch movies the way an 11 year old cooks for themselves

Top 4 rotates based on mood but you can check out my overall favorites here. I…

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  • Muscle



    movie #3 in my Halloween season watchlist

    Required a bit of recalibrating-my-expectations halfway through, just generally expecting something a bit more sadistic or transgressive from Satô--I'm not uber-familiar with his work, in fact I've only ever seen Lolita Vibrator Torture, but that made me deeply squirmy in a way Muscle never really did. Which is not to say that Muscle is toothless or generally accessible to people with normal brains, who would likely find some content here at least a…

  • My Soul to Take

    My Soul to Take


    ha ha ha, this rocks

    movie #2 in my Halloween season watchlist

    Listen nobody does it like Wes, absolutely no one. I remember seeing the trailers for this in 2010 and thinking it looked stupid, at that point in time being of the "Wes Craven made a couple good movies but is for the most part an unremarkable director" school of thought, and when it came out and was widely dismissed I never really thought about it again. Until later,…

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  • Weekend



    "Gay people never talk about it in public, unless it's just cheap innuendo."

    The film's thesis, if it has one, is stated near the 2/3 mark between the two main characters. "Because they shove it down our throats all the time, being straight. Straight story-lines on television, everywhere, in books, on billboards..." It doesn't take long consuming media while being gay before realizing that straight people - at least the ones making our media - don't care about us or…

  • The Master

    The Master


    "Do you often think about how inconsequential you are?"
    "Do you believe God will save you?"

    Above all else, Freddie is lonely.

    I just finished watching the incredibly strange (both incomprehensible yet easy to follow) The Master, and that is the only thing of which I can be certain. It's easy to watch The Master and, like his followers, be compelled towards "the Master" himself (I will withhold the obvious Doctor Who jokes), Lancaster Dodd, as he is…