Manhunter ★★★★½

movie #35 in my Halloween season watchlist

Loved this. Maybe making "become a Mannhead" my post-Halloween film move.

Both hard to and hard not to compare this to Silence of the Lambs, since they have incredibly little in common. Interesting, even, given how closely the stories themselves resemble each other (in the broadest possible strokes) and their collective interest in gazes and perspectives (and, sure, movies, if you wanna go that way) that the formal techniques the two use to tell their particular stories share barely any DNA between them. Manhunter feels to me more subjective, and more "dreamy," it also feels perhaps less...urgent...which I say not to suggest Manhunter is non-suspenseful, but that its world feels more, perhaps, textured, or larger, where Clarice is the only character in Silence that feels real to me (not a criticism!) everything here takes on a life beyond itself, which allows it I think to spend more time merely in the world. And the brief Lecktor (God I hate writing it like that) scenes feel more about eliding the space between Lecktor and Graham where with Clarice the space was divided and then the division erased in interesting ways....

Actually, throughout I kept wanting more of Lecktor and Graham's relationship, really interested in their dynamic, the shared matter between the two of them, but as I kept playing out how I thought that version of the movie (the version where Lecktor is in more than two scenes) would go in my head I realized I was just looking for another Heat. Man imagine if there was not just one Heat in the world but two Heats? That would be amazing. Uh anyway.

I've been looking forward to this for a looooong time and it did not disappoint. Both an exciting thriller and just enough of that gloomy self destructive hero nonsense for it to really pull you (me, at least) in rules.

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