Ugetsu ★★★★

watched in 35mm

The circumstances you (or I, at least, I should say) watch a movie in have such an effect on how you (again, I, but as a kid I had to write my school assignments on a typewriter and since then I refuse to use the backspace button) can feel about a movie, I think. On one hand, watching this on 35 was great. It's crazy (and by crazy I am very sad to me) how not even that long ago, 35mm was the norm and now watching it feels like an event to me, something to be cherished and sought out, because it is! (I'm seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on 35 tomorrow, my first 35mm screening of a new release took over, I think) Ugetsu is a gorgeous movie made all the more gorgeous by these circumstances. My favorite moment might have been kind of near the beginning, when they're boarding that ship to sail across the lake, and it's foggy and in the background you can see these faint imprints of other figures, fading in and out of the fog, also fleeing across the lake, just kind of jutting in and disappearing from screen before you can get a real grasp on their presence, it was ghostly and so beautiful, enhanced all the more I think by the presentation of the film itself, and I'm not sure I would have noticed those background images, or taken so many of them in, at home.

On the other hand, the theater I was in had intensely uncomfortable seats, my back was crying for this movie to end about fifty minutes in and didn't cease until I could stand up, so while I'm pretty sure this probably would have been 4.5 or 5 stars had I been, like, physically comfortable, I was just kind of hoping it to end too intensely.