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Ophelia, at what point does going to the movies count as a self-destructive act?

Something I've grown to really love about this movie is how Peele uses his very traditional "set-up -> pay-off" style that was so praised in Get Out to subtly sort of shift this movie outside of our world. Like it starts with early stuff like two shots of Adelaide switching the lights on in the dance room where the cut to the wide shot is through a mirror so the action is reversed. It's (I read some people comparing this to Shyamalan but I've literally only seen four of his movies and only one in the past ten years so, sure I'd buy that I guess.) Then it gets to the "set-up" and "pay-off" stuff. Like the toy ambulance I wrote about in one of my...Jesus Christ six reviews of this thing. The first time I thought that the toy ambulance in the door was setting up when Jason would use it to trap Pluto in the room. And it did. But then the family escapes in the same toy ambulance. Or the tunnels: the opening title card tells us about abandoned tunnels in the US and if you're anything like me you thought "Woah are there tunnels in this?" but then immediately forgot about them once the movie started. And so when Jason builds tunnels on the beach, it stirs a little itch of remembrance in the back of my mind, and then when the actual tunnels come back in the end, I thought, "Oh yeah. It's the tunnels." It's just little stuff like that, you know, that gives off this off-putting nightmarish predestination feel to it, like Adelaide roaming the hall of mirrors as an adult, or maybe the subterranean tunnels, knowing all the turns already, even if it's somehow supposed to be our first time there. It's why I really love that the "twist" isn't a twist at all (and I don't think Peele intended it to be). Okay that's enough rough ideas that I don't feel horrible about seeing this movie another fucking time.

Also Tim Heidecker's doppelganger walks kind of exactly how I normally walk and I've been having so much fun with it each time I see this

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