Barbie ★★★★

“I'm just Ken and I’m enough, and I'm great at doing stuff.”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I wasn’t sure what type of movie this was gonna be, and if I was gonna even like it, but I have learned my lesson. Don’t. Doubt. Greta, period. She don’t miss. 
She mixes social commentary and just pure fun to perfection. Seems to get the best out of her actors and actresses. Got the entire theatre laughing and crying. Well shot and played out. If that’s not best director, I don’t know what is!

America’s monologue was so so good.
Margot and Ryan were perfect. Especially Gosling, he was already one of my favourites but he just brought it to new heights. (need that I am KENough hoodie?!?)

FINNEAS and Billie Eilish are surely in line for another Oscar nomination and possibly win with What Was I Made For. (As much as I love the I’m Just Ken number and the Bowser Peaches as competition for it.) Very well used, compliments the movie and it’s message. 

Phenomenal, I feel lucky that we get two amazing movies on the same day, which couldn’t be more different from each other. Call me a sheep if you want, but these films are the real deal. 💯

(This is kind of a musical and I fucking love it for that. You’re giving me more Gosling sing and dance numbers? FUCK YEAH!)


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