Alita: Battle Angel ★★½

Texturally beautiful, but aimless. Feels like a faithful adaptation of several different chapters of a very long series, and so feels incomplete. Because the story is so packed with exposition and backstory, exposition builds into action beats which lead to nothing; being dropped into a cyborg world where everything screams CYBORGS ARE EVERYWHERE just kinda dulls the effect. The stakes seem very small if everyone can just be built back into having a monster body again.
The dialogue feels like a study guide, or maybe it's just the actor's inflections giving the jargon way too much weight. Alita goes from being just charmingly naive to manic to world-weary back to naive and it just feels histrionic and misguided. There's a reason that films like Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner are long, dreary, beautiful stories punctuated by *moments* of action and while this story doesn't explicitly call for that, it would've benefited from a lot more introspection.