Annette ★★★★

Not everyone will like Anette. It's a bit long, the lyrics of the songs are simplistic and redundant, it's unusual and unrealistic (realism seams like the alpha and omega, and the Orpheus of our current world)...
But what's big about Anette is that it is a totally unique item. Like a Broadway play, while singing, the subjects intermingle to form a work that speaks of its own art and the upheavals it knows. A meta-experience worthy of the greatest artists.
The spectacle-society is denounced there, just like the hierarchy of arts and especially the mendatory comedy of our so tragic lives, as if it were the only remedy for our ills.
We also think about the role of representation - and therefore of art - in the transmission of ideals, both horizontally (towards our fellow human beings) and vertically (towards our descendants). About what humanity, but also men (two same words in French, Homme and homme), have become in the face of different and therefore inferior beings - animals like women yes, I dare to compare because the feelings of superiority have the same roots.
A representation of a world, a humanity, an art. What we shall praise.
I almost forgot..... the picture!!!!

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