Tenet ★★½

When Inception was released there was concern that the plot would be too complex for audiences to understand what was going on. Well, let me introduce you to..

T  E  N  E  T

Confusing from the get go, the dialogue is overflowing with jargon and nonsense that doesn't become any clearer throughout the film. Not only is the dialogue confusing, the sound mix is shockingly bad, it's often hard to hear clearly and lines of dialogue are easily missed. Tenet is completely devoid of any emotion, and surprisingly for Nolan it seemingly lacks anything significant to drive the the story forward, we never buy into the protagonists relationships or desires, the performances are fine but we never become attached to the characters. Even with Tenet's confusing plot, it still manages to feel a bit too predictable with many of the plot reveals coming as no surprise to anyone who has seen a Nolan film or time travel films before.

While others may praise Tenet after the second viewing with promises of fully understanding the plot, that would mean actually wanting to watch it a second time. Which right now, I wouldn't wish upon anybody.

2.5/5 for Tenet. And honestly, THAT'S OKAY. Nolan doesn't have to 5/5 every film he does, I wouldn't be surprised if this film grows on me. Overall - I just hope that he continues to keep making films of this calibre.

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