The Sadness

The Sadness ★★★½

I found this to be a middling film elevated by its practical gore effects and willingness to go nasty. The story is paper thin, there isn't much time wasted on silly things like atmosphere or suspense, but instead this goes for shock value. I've seen a fair number of graphic films in my time so I wouldn't exactly say this shocked me the way the director intends, but I still was able to appreciate its brutality.

The weak frame of a story hangs on a Taiwanese couple, Jim (Berant Zhu) and Kat (Regina Lei), separated during the outbreak of a rabies like virus that turns people into raving lunatics. We follow these two as they try to survive and reunite amid the chaos.

And chaos there is, and plenty of it. The highlights of the film are some set piece moments that stand out well above the rest of the film, which suffers from pretty bad pacing issues. The subway scene is obviously the one most will remember as it is definitely the film's high water mark.

Yeah, there's plenty to like for a gore fan. There's also some solid sexual depravity, because the infected aren't simply some 28 Day Later like infected, they also become pretty horny. Interesting development that is....

Outside of the solid set pieces like the subway and hospital, there is surprisingly little going on. They really seemed to focus on those moments at the expense of spreading that quality out, or maybe using other moments to focus on suspense or tension. Nah, just some boredom between the more bombastic moments.

So, overall it's pretty uneven, but I always appreciate a focus on fun practical effects, and this has a good amount of that.

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