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  • Evils of the Night

    Evils of the Night


    It starts out so goofy and lighthearted but does a complete 180 in the last act and is pretty upsetting. Some likeable characters dont make it out alive etc

    Just odd overall though, like the whole premise is strange. Aliens come and enlist some autobody mechanics to kidnap victims for them...? And also multiple beach party scenes

  • Pink Motel

    Pink Motel


    A sex comedy that fails pretty hard at being sexy or funny, but it was watchable at least and some of the characters were okay

    It's pretty much just a bunch of unconnected storylines of these people who end up at the Pink Motel for one reason or another

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  • Hack-O-Lantern



    Film 25 of 33 for Hooptober5.0: Nasty Trash

    Hack-O-Lantern is a beautiful treasure that should be cherished
    This is beyond "so bad it's good"'s a garbage masterpiece

    How can I even talk about my favorite scenes? I'd just be describing everything that happens in the movie. I knew I was in for something special though during the rock n roll dream sequence when the dancing girl shoots lasers out of her eyes

    Half satanic cult movie, half awkward family drama, all amazing

    Little side note, this ended up being the 666th movie I've watched this year and it couldn't have been a better one

  • Beyond the Gates

    Beyond the Gates


    Film 31 of 33 for Hooptober5.0: Nasty Trash

    Spooky Jumanji starring the guy from John Dies at the End, playing the same exact type of character hmm

    This had potential for sure but it just kept on stalling. Far far far too much time is spent on them not playing the Beyond the Gates game. Like imagine if in Jumanji Robin Williams and the kids just stopped playing and went to a Denny's for 25 minutes of the run time

    Goods: music, lighting, Barbara Crampton, unexpected practical gore effects

    Bads: pacing, acting, and the script