Tenet ★★★

I dunno, it isn't terrible, it isn't amazing; It's a classic Nolan film for better and worse, constantly cracking under the weight of its own ridiculousness. He loves to sweep you up in the moment, sacrificing any lingering importance, or any actual point after the adrenaline fades and your ears stop bleeding.

It won't hold up to repeat viewings because you don't care about the characters, their motivations, or the supposed stakes, which never feel real. Everything is another plot mechanism for Nolan to play with his entropy (is that an inuendo?) But from set piece to set piece, when the action hits, it generally works; apart from the final battle which has almost zero sense of georgraphy, and all this is still only if you can withstand the laborious scenes of expository jargon. The cinematography is nice, although Nolan still doesn't know how to hold a shot and let you enjoy it, even the most basic shot reverse shot stuff is choppychopchop. Rpatz (hot), young Washington, and Elizabeth Debicki do solid work making a mostly silly script sound ok; I am surprised Nolan purposefully made me laugh a few times but that is balanced out by some unintentional hilarity - there is literally a Team America skit in this.

So overall in the moment it's whatever! an ok ride and serviceable cinema outing, but I should never watch it again because I'll probably hate it.

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