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  • The Vampire Moth

    The Vampire Moth

    A definite improvement over Toho's previous Kindaichi adaptations (Ghost Man), most likely thanks to its director, the great Nobuo Nakagawa. Some genuinely eerie moments (such as the abandoned tunnel with the sound of dropped barrels echoing), unforgettable set pieces (the bug-covered mansion) and cleverly directed bits (thinking the "Wolf Man" is stalking the woman, only to find out its been Ichiro Arashima). Unfortunately, the subtitles were still pretty wonky, which makes an intricate mystery like this real hard to follow at times. Here's hoping for better ones down the road.

  • Ghost Man

    Ghost Man


    My first foray into the world of Kosuke Kindaichi (Ichikawa's The Inugamis has been on my watchlist for a while), and probably not the best place to start. There are some legitimatley creepy scenes and the movie is filled to the brim with nudity, which for 1954 must have been beyond shocking. Unfortunately, I found the plot to be too plodding/confusing, probably in part due to the lackluster subtitles.

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  • The Blue Pearl

    The Blue Pearl

    Ishiro Honda's very first feature film, which thanks to crowdfunding, has recently been translated to English. As stated in another review, there are some "old generation vs. new generation" themes present, which would be seen in many of his future sci-fi endeavors. You have the older residents of the small fishing village that forbid marrying outsiders, thanks to their superstition over an old legend (The titular "blue pearl"), and then the younger ones (Namely our protagonist Noe) who (Perhaps as…

  • Terror in the Streets

    Terror in the Streets


    Another long-thought lost film that resurfaced just a few years ago thanks to a TV airing. And now with subtitles!

    Yuri has been having a shitty week - she's been laid off her job for no real reason, dumped by her boyfriend for no real reason, and told to move out of her apartment by the end of the month. Then her apartment is robbed, her job application is rejected and she's accused of robbing a man the night she…