Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

This was an interesting and fascinating film. The movie was like looking at an art collage, watching a movement of dance or the conduction an elaborate experiment. For some, Holy Motors could be a postmodernist masterpiece. While for others, it's a cool spectacle that's a bit quirky and off-colour with a lack of meaning.

The story is a day in life of an actor portrayed by Denis Lavant who is thought to be Monsieur Oscar who portrays a multitude of bizarre and diverse characters. All for an agency with no cameras seemingly in sight. However, there is no conventional narrative to Holy Motors, it flows like a bending river and asks the overarching question of what is true or fake.

It was beautifully shot, has wonderful and memorable visuals. It had its cool and fun moments but in the end, there is something lacking with this film. I can understand if someone loves or hates this film, but it's not always tedious and can be an enjoyable watch.

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