The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) ★★★★½

Ranked — 2017

DAMN, I'm starting to reaaaaally hate myself for not loving Noah Baumbach sooner. He's great, you guys!!

This movie is an absolute killer. Yes, I have a huge soft spot for adult sibling rivalries and fucked-up parents, but few films deliver them as well as The Meyerowitz Stories. It's a perfect example of how a parent can genuinely affect their children, and how the children both realize these issues and try to change them, but still give in to them.

The cast is out-of-this-world great (please give more roles like this to Ben Stiller), with a few scenes that absolutely ruined me (looking at you again, Ben Stiller). The dialogue is nuanced and thoughtful and explosive, and Baumbach finds a way to genuinely honor the struggles his characters are going through, and also undercut them in a way that always lets you know the material is even smarter than you anticipated.

God Bless this movie.

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