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  • After Death

    After Death


    #26 of 31(+) Unseen Horror Flicks of October (2💀2🎃) 👻 - Zombie 4: After Death (1989)

    Where Zombi 3 is a combined culmination of Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei, Claudio Fragasso, and co-writer (and wife of Fragasso), Rossella Drudi - Zombi 4: After Death is Totally ALLLL Fragasso and writer Drudi. ...And is incredibly mediocre.

    Candice Daly, Pornthrob Jeff Stryker, and an unrecognizable Don "Not Really The Dragon" Wilson - despite what most of the internet says, and a bunch of…

  • Necropolis



    #25 of 31(+) Unseen Horror Flicks of October (2💀2🎃) 👻 - Necropolis (1986)

    A Satanic Punk Witch(played by the beautiful LeeAnne Baker) comes back to life from the 1600's in order to enact revenge on the reincarnated priest who killed her, all the while getting back her shiny occult ring, and raise her oatmeal-faced undead cult to cause some ruckus.

    All I'm going to say is that there's plenty of awkward naked dancing and gyrating for Satan. Billy(who gets framed…

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