Magnolia ★★★★

[Brief opening statement: Somebody in Hollywood for the love of god please write Tom Cruise a role with some real substance in it. I've always said that that guy can act, and I'd love to see him do it again.]

There's so much to process and admire and maybe even question with this crazy one-of-a-kind film, by everyone ages 13-22's favorite filmmaker, Paul Thomas Anderson. The guy's good, I won't deny it. But let's just say I wasn't calling "Inherent Vice" the greatest film of all time from the moment it was announced... (and I actually ended up liking Inherent Vice more than all of those people, funny enough).

Ok back to Magnolia. I don't have much to say at the moment. I'm still running it through my mind. It certainly flies by, the 188 minutes. I can say what's good about it, but we all know what those things are. Sometimes it's a bit goofy and I'm sorry but I don't need everyone to sing the same piano ballad song for me to know they're all going through similar situations... That's quite apparent.

I guess my small reservations are that I was more intrigued by it than I was consistently engaged by it. That's really all. Besides that it's got everything else, I'd say.

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