There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

This is it.

I waited patiently for that film to come. That film that would bring me on board the PTA train. It took me 6 films of his, all others falling short while a few did come very close and FINALLY, it's this. The genius, the epic, the stunning, the peak of a career perhaps, the MASTERPIECE, "There Will Be Blood", that is Paul Thomas Anderson's crowning achievement, and confirms him as being one of the greatest living filmmakers.

Such mastery and control, such power in every frame, every word spoken. Never a false moment, never a wasted one. Daniel Day-Lewis as well as every other performer, let's not forget, commands the screen and demands your attention.

This film will be watched 50 years from now just like we watch "Lawrence of Arabia" today, there's no question about it.

When's PTA's next film coming out by the way?

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