Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★

Didn't really expect to be this disappointed, considering the near universal acclaim it has received.

Call Me By Your Name, save for the last ten minutes, does not cease to be underwhelming. Consistently mediocre through and through. Never was my reaction to the film, "wow, this is very good". Instead, from the beginning and to the end, its position on the theoretical line of quality really doesn't fly above, remaining just upon and at points below.

Where do I attribute this general mediocrity: the acting and script (amusing since the actors were nominated and the screenwriter won for their contributions). Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer become almost immediately bothersome. Their arrogance, on top of the dialogue they're delivering, irks the viewer throughout, particularly in the first hour of screentime. Their unlikability detracts from immersion. Really, it is Michael Stuhlbarg (and to a lesser extent Esther Garrel) who steal the show. However, cannot say the same from the two leads.

And there's the script by James Ivory. No offense to Mr. Ivory, but it isn't particularly good. Competent thankfully at times but in select sequences the pseudo-intellectual and melodramatic dialogue is absolutely cringeworthy. Moments so awfully written I honestly could not see them again. Specific scenes to get a sense of what I'm talking about are (descending from unbearable to just plain bad): the WWI memorial scene, the apricot etymology debate, and the piano sequence. Call Me By Your Name tries to blend intelligence with romance and fails in the process.

There are aspects however that are redeeming. These being the soundtrack (which I will admit is poorly implemented), and the nice visuals (which I wouldn't call spectacular but hey I'm trying to be nice). Call Me By Your Name... I just don't get the love and admiration. The acting isn't great, the writing is bad, and very few elements come to its rescue. Your entire film in one analytically summarizing sentence has been demolished from any positive merit. Oh well, here's looking for Suspiria lol.

Did expect more. I don't know how to conclude any further, that's pretty much it.

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