Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★½

I have no problems with trying to make Fascism lighthearted in a satirical manner. There have been great examples of that in the past (e.g. Hogan’s Heroes, To Be Or Not To Be, etc). However, what this film lacks is comedy, or any humor of any sort.

This is not a comedy. This is a floozy of an attempt to depict humanity on film. 

All this film wants to do is hamfistingly show how two people, who are suppose to hate each other, can somehow become friends.

It’s what people hated Green Book over last year, and yet they’re willing to turn a blind eye when it isn’t about American issues. Essentially, a Nazi and Jew becoming friends is acceptable, but not a racist and an African American.

Of course I’m hyperbolizing. Jojo Rabbit isn’t funny, and it’s message has been better implemented. That is all.

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