Cadoxia Top 50 Films of All-Time 2.0

It’s that time of year again! This list is made for and by the members of Cadoxia. Thank you all for contributing and making Cadoxia the best server out there!

Contributing Members: Ana, AlphaZeta, Dank, Daisy, Elias, Finn, Focus, HarryBlarr, HarryPlav, Inayah, IrritableSatirist, Isaac, Jordan, Karan, Mason, Nicky, Nisk, Oscar, Pete, Ryan, Tables, Thom, and Yolo

Fun Facts:

Most Represented Ballot: HarryPlav & Isaac (10 films)
Least Represented Ballot: Me (1 film) - I hate you all ; Mason (3 films)

How Many Films from Last Year made this list?

Largest Drop-Offs:
- In the Mood for Love (10th)
- No Country For Old Men (17th)
- Stalker (18th)
Highest First Time Inductees:
- Days of Heaven (13th)
- Come…