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  • Yi Yi
  • The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
  • Three Colours: Red
  • Ten

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  • An Elephant Sitting Still


  • The Zone of Interest


  • Dry Summer


  • A Matter of Life and Death


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  • The Double Life of Véronique

    The Double Life of Véronique


    The Double Life of Véronique an atmospheric description.

    Weronika, red blood that stops flowing.

    Cardiology, an endless corridor with somewhere light at the end of the tunnel.

    The sinus node a tangle of wires through which bright red blood is pumped to the heart. But the knot comes loose. Or is it rather, too tight? The sinus veins are like bad shoelaces that suddenly loosen at an indeterminate time of the day and you only notice this after a few…

  • Jacquot



    Waves. Jacques. Camera. Sun.

    Jacquot de Nantes, from shot one, a film in which Varda engulfs us with her love for her husband, his films and their treasured cinema. Melted together through a whirlpool into a masterpiece of a film. Varda does what she does best in this one: showing her love for her fellow man through her lens. And how can she do that better than about the person she loved the most?

    Her dynamic camera tells the story,…

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  • Close Your Eyes

    Close Your Eyes


    "A picture paints a thousand words."

    Close your eyes is a film about the power of pictures or images to make a "dehumanized" person human again.

    Erice conveys this story through a succession of images so serene, mythical and with a magnificent play of shadow and light as if they could have come straight out of a romantic period painting. Watching this film was as if all different kind of masterpieces were played back-to-back for three hours. In this film,…

  • Where Is the Friend's House?

    Where Is the Friend's House?


    Today was a good day, watching Kiarostami in the theater. I can die happy now.

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  • 9 Souls

    9 Souls


    In a few days, I will graduate. One of the most important things I have learned and my professors have kept repeating from the first to the last year is how important a good (story) structure is. A funnel structure. This film is a good example of that. For me, perhaps the main reason why this film works so well. Toyoda completely dragged me into his story with his build up.

    Top funnel: starting with a very specific situation that…

  • The White Balloon

    The White Balloon


    Here’s your little fish. All pretty and round.

    But this one is all skinny. I wanted a chubby one.

    You’re looking at it from above. It looks skinny that way. Watch now!
    See how big it is? You have to look at it this way. It’s round and pretty, a real beauty. Take it!

    (little girl starts smiling)

    I chose the above quote on one hand because it is simply beautiful and heart-warming. The exact feeling this film leaves you…