Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★

I’m sure that the colors would pop in a beautiful 70mm screening of this movie but I could take in the pretty pictures, fine performances and original score well enough on the 720p Ummagurau camrip presented by Such a viewing would only enhance the illusion cast by the vampire behind the curtain. “Ah ah ah! Oh The Doors, you want to live with these characters, back in this time and away from your own. Escape! Escape! Imagine the smell…”
I no loger kare. It’s effective moment to moment, I did enjoy it, but a minute after it finished I hated it. I have to go with that feeling, even if I can’t articulate it. I don’t believe Paul Thomas Anderson is worthwhile as a filmmaker. I’ll take Cheaper By The Dozen 2 over any of his movies. Dracula vanishes.

Will say that the sushi restaurant owner was the funniest bit. Also on the Nashville guy: he’s effective and creates dread but Licorice Pizza isn’t worthy of him.

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